Tesla officially launches Model 3 2021 refresh with more range and features

model 3

Tesla has now officially launched the Model 3 2021 refresh with more range and all the features we were anticipating. Over the last week, we have been reporting on Tesla currently updating Model 3 with a significant refresh that includes several new features. We have seen the new center console, new wheels, and reported on a few other features, … Read more

Top Electric Scooters Launching In 2020 That You Should Save Money To Buy

As India embraces electric vehicles (EVs) which are a cleaner mode of transport and are sure to help bring the exorbitant pollution levels in the Indian metro cities down, auto makers have taken notice of this and are readying their arsenal to launch EV offerings in the country. A major portion of these EVs are … Read more

Top Electric Motorcycles Launching In India In 2019 And Beyond

Electric vehicles have entered the limelight in Indian automobile industry. All the majors have either introduced or are planning to bring in an electric vehicle within the next couple of years. Amidst this, a major portion of the number of EVs in India is backed by the two-wheeler makers. The category includes electric scooters, smart … Read more

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India

Electric motorcycles or e-motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular day by day in the country. There are multiple electric two-wheelers in the market at great prices that can be bought by anyone who is interested in owning an electric vehicle to have a smooth riding experience while preserving the environment. The country will witness a wide … Read more

Top electric scooters and electric bikes in India

Top electric scooters in India

Electric vehicles are no more futuristic. They are environment-friendly and also promise to turn cheaper in the long-run. But buying the best electric scooter in India can be confusing to some extent, owing to the fact that there are several new companies in the market now. India’s leading two-wheeler companies like Bajaj, TVS and Hero … Read more